Sensing Clues

Empower Your Community!

Collect and share information

Communities start and end with people. Together you can tackle sheer every problem: Create a project, invite friends, and you are ready to collect and share information in real-time.

Coordinate your response

Upon an alert, all members can indicate whether they are vigilant or able to join the response. Discuss further action through the chat to ensure everyone remains on the same page.

Extend your virtual presence

Add any type of sensor you like. Indoor or outdoor, designed by yourself, off the shelf, or provided by Sensing Clues. Create alerting rules and geofences to make your alerts more precise.

Use Cases

Smart Nature Protection

In nature parks, the number of boots on the ground is always too few to stop poachers, shepherds, and other threats to wildlife and their habitat.

Growing Old At Home

Keep a caring eye on your senior father, without restricting his freedom or invading his privacy more than necessary. How?

Citizens Science

Assess elusive issues such as sound or odeur pollution, while the experienced nuisance varies from person to person. How?

Safe Communities

Why would you only share crime related sightings, if your smoke detector or burglary alarm is just as meaningful for your neighbors?

Smart City Maintenance

In an average city, a dozen agencies are ranging the streets to collect garbage, enforce the law, repair roads, remove graffiti, or garden parks.

Why Cluey?

  1. Designed to increase situational awareness and to organize swift responses
  2. Share your location with your trusted friends, where and when you want 
  3. Collect and share information about anything you are interested in or care about
  4. Add geofences and share alerts when people, animals, or objects enter or leave a safe zone
  5. IoT-enabled (TTN and others) and open API, thus, design and include your own sensors, home domotica, birding camera traps, you name it
  6. Organise all your sensors and alerts in one app
  7. Designed for privacy and security
  8. Semantics enabled, enabling layman to conduct analytics
  9. Your data is yours to keep. Not ours to sell
  10. Pay for data storage and traffic, not for ownership


Contact details
You may call us at +31 (6) 360 37 414 or drop us a message.

 Our privacy policies are strict. Collected personal data is not shared with third parties. 


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Sensing Clues Social Enterprise
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Sensing Clues Social Enterprise
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Bank account at the Triodos Bank: NL70 TRIO 0390 9057 71.
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