Cluey is an app for rangers and other fast-responders who seek to protect nature reserves and the species that live there, against poachers, illegal logging, wast dumping, and other risks, such as human-wildlife conflicts.

Cluey key functions

With the Cluey app you can:

  • view your own position and those of your fellow-responders on the map
  • alerts of field sensors are shown on the map in real-time
  • members can initiate an alert
  • fast-responders can chat among themselves to discuss the best way of action
  • you can add entries to a journal, through which facts about the incident can be shared

Ready to roll in 5 steps

  1. download the app
  2. register yourself
  3. create a project
  4. invite trusted fellow fast-responders into your project
  5. instantiate geofences
  6. add your sensors (IoT, home-domotica, Trespasser, SERVAL, License Plate Recognition Camera’s, etc.)

What if there is no cellphone network?

Although gprs-networks are becoming widely available, many places still have to without. For these areas we are developing the Lorre Communication Toolkit, an affordable alternative based on LoRa.

Alternatively, you can use Cluey for Command Posts and rely on radio communication with your rangers in the field.

All features

Netcentric C4i functions unlimited projects (fair use policy)
unlimited users (organisation independent, fair use policy)
unlimited data (fair use policy)
data organised per project, exclusively owned by project owner
data stored in MarkLogic Enterprise Cloud, most secure NoSQL available
data available in Focus, a semantics-based Real-Time Intelligence Tool for CPs
secure new user registration process
secure login
secure forgot username or password procedure
map zoom in/out
app instructions
create new project
select project (switch from one to another project)
per project view current project details
invite trusted friends through email
friends visible on map (including last-seen information)
problems visible on map (alerts, manual or from sensors)
start and stop sharing my position with my friends
creation of “dripping trail” per user (if position is being shared)
sharing of messages (alerts, FYI), photo’s, and initial response
members can create alerts (immediate action required)
members can create notes (no immediate action required)
sensor alerts are plotted on map
member receive alerts instantly
alert action button to quickly share your response
chat-function to discuss response
zoom in on my position
zoom out to include all project members
tracked objects and animals visible on map
alert-countdown function (showing age of alert)
alert-age class function: new (<60min), recent (<24h), old (>24h)
alert listing (new and recent)
retreive old alerts
sensor status check
geofence alerting (for trackers and project members)
on roadmap offline maps (google maps)
standard parameter reports (tabular + map, parameter: period): tracks, alerts, FYI-messages
compass function, to navigate to alert, friend, etc.
custom icons for different types of alerts and FYI-notes
custom forms for surveys, emergencies, etc.
instruction pages for custom procedures and checklists
inclusion of own maps