FOCUS – for command posts

The problem: poor information position

Wildlife protection starts with insight and overview. Where is the problem. Where are my people. And what could be our response. To develop a system that support commanders requires insight knowledge of high risk operations. Knowledge which common software vendors are lacking. The consequence is that command posts often wind up with, literally, tens of computer screens. Most with geographical information on it, but all with different maps, zoom levels and features. This lack of integration is the headache of every command post.

The solution: FOCUS for command posts

FOCUS is the cockpit software to increase your situational awareness (what’s happening) and operational picture (who is where and  doing what). In combination with open and closed source intelligence, tracker-info, security sensors and CCTV-systems, it forms the beating heart of every Command Post. It’s functions support you at every stage of the OODA-loop: observation, orientation, decision making, and action.


Open platform

Like CLUEY, FOCUS is an open platform. This means that you can connect every type of tracker and sensors from any vendor.