TARSIER floodlight sensor

Photo: David Haring

Floodlights are often used by poachers to blind animals, after which they form an easy prey. Real-time detection and alerting is easy, if you have the right outdoor sensors.

SensingClues has developed a LoRa-based floodlight sensor. We named it the TARSIER, after a nocturnal animal which can see brightly in the dark. The advantage of the LoRa-technology is that it consumes very little energy. Hence, it may remain in the field for prolonged periods of time (more than 1 year).

As is true with all sensors, measuring lux is one thing, interpreting its meaning quite another. To be useful for rangers it needs to be able to distinguish between a full moon and car headlights, passing headlights or headlights which are being used to search, etc. These smart capabilities distinguish the TARSIER sensor from simple sensors and actuators.