LoRa Smartphone Kit

Photo: Luc Viatour

Communication among rangers is of utmost importance to coordinate action. Think not only of catching poachers, but also of calling in for help after an accident. In such situations, a timely response is of the essence. It may safe lives.

In many areas rangers rely on radio-networks. The range of porto’s, however, is often limited to lines-of-sight. Repeater stations are expensive, especially if they are built as permanent stations. Hence, cheaper and more adaptive technologies are needed.

The idea of LORRE, our LoRa smartphone kit, is that the phone of rangers is connected with LoRa to enable the exchange positions and coded messages, such as, alert, I’m coming, I’m leaving, help needed, etc. The data is projected through the Cluey app.

Can’t wait to get it? Please contact us to discuss how we can help each other to speed up it’s development.