These partners help us to turn wild spaces into safe havens!




DIKW Intelligence is partner in Sensing Clues. The company, which is specialised in helping clients turning data into value, has a no nonsense hands-on mentality.


True Information Solutions is partner in Sensing Clues. The company is specialised in developing intelligent information systems. They start where other technology developers give up.

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MarkLogic supports Sensing Clues’ mission by providing their cutting-edge technology license-free for nature conservation related projects. We used MarkLogic to build our Sensing Clues’ Cloud Services Suite and to support real-time (big data) analytics.

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We are very proud that M+P has become the first strategic partner of Sensing Clues! M+P is an international company with cutting-edge knowledge of measuring vibrations and acoustics in real-time field contexts. Together we are developing SERVAL, a sensor designed for recognizing different types of sounds, such as elephant rumbles, engines, shots, etc. We use these sound-events to inform rangers about possible threats. For example, about poachers driving into the park (wildlife crime), or about dangerous elephants nearing a village (human-wildlife conflict).


We are working with dr. Angela Stuger of the Mammal Communication Lab and Shermin da Silva of Trunk and Leaves, both specialised in mammal communications, to translate the latest insights in elephant sounds into a state-of-art elephant early warning system.


We are working together with Dr. Peter Wrege of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, who provides us with elephant sound recordings and practical help, including the use of the Raven sound analysis software: Bioacoustics Research Program (2016). Raven Lite: Interactive Sound Analysis Software (Version 2.0) [Computer software]. Ithaca, NY: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Available from


Tusk Task Force‘s mission is to mitigate the threat of violence and terrorism on the world’s wildlife by providing strategic intelligence and tactical resources to all ground forces that defend them so that wildlife may live.

Tusk Task Force makes a sustained investment to our projects in collaboration with their target operation sites in Africa and Asia.
C-TiEM consultancy supports Sensing Clues by developing (Virtual Reality) Training solutions to prepare frontline protectors on their role in the process of the protection of endangered species or ecosystems.

FantasticFotografie cheers up our website through the provision of all kinds of Clueys (the name of our meerkat).