If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!

– Frank Sinatra

But he was wrong. “There” does not refer to New York, but to the African savanne and other wild spaces without much infrastructure. If you can make it work there, you can make it work everywhere!

For organisations involved in wildlife protection, our prices are set to cover the costs. Others can make use of our technologies at competitive prices. And remember, if it works there, it will work everywhere!

Sensors: make, buy or co-create

Most of the sensors we make are available under the GNU General Public License 3.0. Hence, anyone with a considerable amount of technical skill can make the sensors themselves. Count on 50 to 400 euro per sensor, depending on the quality of the hardware components. Most hardware components can be bought off the shelf. Some require a 3D printer or specialised instruments.

We can also produce the sensors for you. In that case the price per sensor depends on amongst things on the environment in which it has to function, the type of power supply, the method of connectivity, the number of sensors, shipment, customs, and the application domain (wildlife protection or other).

Finally, we can set-up a co-creation. This enables us to combine our strengths and find a solution for any type of problem. Contact us to discuss your case and to explore possibilities.

Cluey, SCCSS, Focus, and WildCAT

For Cluey packages see the Full Features listing.

We are looking forward working with you!