Smart sensors

Simple sensors

Sensors are technological instruments that can be used to measure things: GPS-location, temperature, sound, distance, movement, color, weight, gas, metal, frequencies, etc. We talk about simple sensors if the sensor can measure only one feature, and if the measurement is not further processed.

Smart sensors

Smart sensors may measure multiple features and process the data. Through logical processing of the data the measurements are translated into meaningful observations. The processing may be conducted at the sensor, at a central platform, or the task can be in part decentralised and in part centralised. This depends, among things, on the local options for internet-connectivity and energy.

As poachers are also reading these pages, we do not disclose our sensors here in great detail. But for your information: they do include all simple sensors and smart sensors such as ANPR-systems, shape recognition systems, chemical detectors, locators, and others. Where possible we obtain these sensors “off the shelf”. Where necessary, we develop them with our strategic partners or by ourselves. Examples are:

  • The Trespasser, which measures the presence of humans. Status: operational
  • The Tarsier, which measures the presence of light sources, such as beam lights. Status: first field tests
  • The Serval, which can be tuned to identify any type of sound. Status: construction of first prototype

All our sensors are robust, energy efficient, camouflaged, networked, and affordable.


PDF: sensing-clues-sensor-technology