Early warning technologies

Early warning systems are designed to detect threats in an early stage and make these known so a timely response can be formulated. If you can decrease the gap between the occurance and detection of poaching behaviour, chances of catching the poachers red-handedly increase. This is easier said then done when the area you wish to protect is large, the infrastructure poorly developed or absent, and the number of rangers limited. While our opponents, the poachers, know how to use these difficulties to their advantage.

As there is not silver bullet to stop poaching, every area and threatened species requires its own tactical plan. Based on years of law enforcement experience we develop the Sensing Clues United Modelling method (SCUM-method). Through this method, knowledge, ideas, and capabilities of the rangers are translated into a tailor made tactical plan. Sensing Clues contributes to these plans by bringing in the five SISAR-modules of our anti-poaching toolbox:

Sensors to 24/7 detect human activity in remote spaces (e.g. poaching, illegal logging, etc.),
Internet of Things connectivity to transmit signals to a central command post or to the rangers,
Storage to store and manage the data, regulate secure access to the data, etc.,
Analytical intelligence tools to create spatial intelligence, and
Response coordination technologies, designed to support distributed command and control.

Sensing Clues has ample experience with the development, integration, and application of each of these components. Where possible we use off the shelf products, including the products that you are already using. Where necessary we engineer them ourselves. We take care of system integration, configuration, deployment, training and support. Thus unburdening you, is our pleasure.