Vision and Mission

Our vision: Together we can!

To protect all forms of life and the gorgeous ecosystems they live in, the reach of environmental protectors has to be expanded – both in time and space. This cannot be achieved by organising more boots on the ground only. This requires the development and mobilisation of highly advanced (yet affordable) technologies.

Indeed, in remote and desolate areas only the best technologies survive the forces of nature and are able to convey information about poaching activities and other threats to protectors in a timely manner. Each of us has a role to play. Together we can make it!

Our mission: turning wild spaces into safe havens!

The World Wildlife Fund identified 18 areas where about 50% of all endangered species live. It’s our mission to help conservationists and local communities to protect these areas and species by providing them with highly specialised yet affordable and robuust technologies. Our mission is to support rangers in at least 30% of these areas before the end of 2020.

Our values

Sensing Clues is driven by its mission. We wish to work for a future in which wild spaces are safe havens for wildlife. That’s our passion. Sensing Clues is true to its core values, which we seek in our partners as well.

Create value

Of value is that what improves the quality of lives. Money is a means to achieve that – not a goal.

Do no harm

The freedoms and pleasures of one should not be limited by those of someone else. Poaching violates this principle, as its short-term gains benefit a few, but harms mankind. Indeed, species are lost for ever. Hence, poaching should be stopped, using every legal means available.

Collaborate – cherish diversity

Life is interesting because everyone is so different. Combining the strength of unique characters and organizations creates endless opportunities for innovation. We embrace that. It’s essential for accomplishing our mission.

Be trustworthy

We do what we promise. We are transparent. We value integrity. We guard your and our privacy.